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K. Benson, Spokane, WA


"Thanks again Brianna, it was a magical weekend.  We had so much fun! You and your team were phenomenal!  Thinking of returning in September or October for crush, so I will keep you posted. Thank you again for the hospitality." 

L. Callaway, Orange County, CA


"Everyone loved our tour and I would certainly recommend Winery Tours Walla Walla to anyone looking for a wine tasting experience in Walla Walla. We appreciated Brianna's friendliness and the attention to detail in the planning of our day. The lunches were fantastic, everyone remarked on how yummy the food was and also appreciated being able to select from a menu. We enjoyed the wineries, especially Aluve. They went above and beyond to welcome us and to personalize our visit. TERO was also fun to visit. Many thanks for a fun day!"

L. Everton, Seattle, WA


"Our guide, Christie, was knowledgeable, flexible (she threw in a couple of extra places since we had the time) and very fun! This is the way to tour the wine country of Walla Walla! The wineries chosen for our group were based on a questionnaire we filled out and were a great match!  Brianna was easy and fun to work with in setting up our visit. We will definitely use this company again and tell all of our wine tasting friends. When you have a company that will provide a guide-driver, knowledge and expertise and offers to provide lunch, why would you tour on your own?"

K. Connors, Camden, NJ


"Everything about the tour on 08Sep was fantastic! We've been on large public bus wine tours and other personalized, intimate wine tours in various wine regions around the country. Your tour was just as good as the others we have been on, and none of them have been less than amazing! I really liked the questionnaire you sent when we started discussing a wine tour booking. It made me feel like you genuinely cared about making our day the best possible. Tiffany was great, she was fun and knowledgeable.  At one point, she saw we were ahead of schedule and added an additional winery to our agenda.  All of the wineries chosen for us by you, and the one by Tiffany, were right up our alley. I don't think the day could've went any better."  

D. Bort, Ft. Collins, CO


"Our tour was great! John especially was fantastic! He had enough wine knowledge to answer questions competently and was very familiar with the area. We have had some tour guides in the past who were more of a driver and did not know much about the wine region we were touring or wine in general. Moreover, John seemed to actually know some of the people at each winery we visited. We really enjoyed the wine tour with Norm at Pepper Bridge--it was pretty cool to hear directly from the guy that accomplished so much with his winery. It was also extremely helpful to get Brianna's input on other wineries in the area. We actually visited all of the places on the west side that she mentioned. Her input helped to create a successful 2nd day of touring, that we were able to accomplish on our own."

V. Duggal, Seattle, WA


"Our wine tour was great! John was a fabulous tour guide. He made sure we were taken care of and introduced us to the winemakers when available. We had great stops everywhere, all wineries we had never been to, which for us is always fun. A lot of reason we continued to use Lori, is she knew where we had been, what we liked, and gave us a unique experience each time. This continued that trend with the new owners. For Georgette and me, this is an annual trip that we look forward to doing each year."

S. Stadler, San Antonio, TX

"Brianna was our guide. Before the trip, she gathered information about our wine preferences, prices, etc and planned two great tours for us. She was great! Very personable and knowledgeable! I would recommend this company for wine tours!"

M. Maini, Boise, ID

"Winery Tours Walla Walla surpassed our expectations! Trista was outstanding! My husband said the trip could have ended after the first stop and it would have been well worth it! So many super special touches, outta the park Trista hit it! But we piled it on and went to three more great spots anyway. Thank you!"

M. Krenz, Billings, MT

"Thank you so much for planning a great wine tour for my sister and I. The cupcakes were a very sweet added bonus. We loved Lisa, our driver, she was very informative and fun to visit with. I will highly recommend your tour company to anyone going to Walla Walla, and my sister and I can't wait to come back!"

H. LaBouy, Seattle, WA

"Brianna did an absolutely fantastic job designing a wine tour for a group of four couples. She was conscious of all our wants and needs when picking wineries and gave us a great, detailed list to choose from. Brianna was flexible and communicative when we added a couple in the last few weeks, making us feel very cared for. The experience overall was most definitely worth the price of the tour. The couples that got lunches on the tour really enjoyed the options. Sherri, our driver, was punctual, communicative, and patient. We appreciated her helping us stay on time and supporting us where we were having fun. She made some great suggestions, got us to an extra stop, and even helped to drop off our wine before taking us downtown for dinner. We really appreciated her going the extra mile. Our favorite spots along the way included The Walls and College Cellars. We will definitely return to Winery Tours Walla Walla on our next trip!"